Condolence message by Nirwair bhai

25 December 2015
To our Divine Sister BK Kamlabenji, BK Hemabenji and all the sisters and brothers of Indore Zone, Please accept our heart-felt condolences on the passing away of our very dear and noble soul, Brahma Kumar Om Prakashbhaiji.

His ascension to the Subtle Region is definitely a matter of great honour for the departed soul, who had invested all his physical and mental energies in the practice of BapDada’s teachings, and became a great example for the entire divine family particularly in Bharat, and all over the globe.

He will be remembered for his many new inventions in Godly Seva, especially in being a very successful leader in opening hundreds of Brahma Kumaris Godly Service Centres in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, and other States also.

The best gift to the divine family, which he lovingly nurtured, is the “Divine Life Girls’ Hostel” in Indore, very successful in all-round Personality Development of Girl Students. Some of them have gone on to become brilliant Brahma Kumaris Teachers and are looking after Godly service in different places.

As Chairperson of the Media Service Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris, he created a beautiful, new concept of bringing positivity into the lives of Media persons; this then enabled media personnel to contribute in a big way by incorporating Ethics and Spiritual Values in their presentations. Top journalists from all over India were served brilliantly under his guidance.

Om Prakashbhaiji would always act as a powerful guiding force for the young BK family members, as he himself had received Godly knowledge from Revered Dadi Jankiji in his youth, and later on directly from Pitashri Brahma who inspired him to become a valuable organizer of Godly services.

He will be very much missed during our Annual Service Meetings at the Headquarters. We pay homage to the departed soul whole-heartedly with our sincere wishes that he continues his leadership role as would be assigned by the Avyakt BapDada.

All the BK sisters and brothers of Indore and Chattisgarh are requested to continue the good work, which had begun under his leadership, with more accuracy and divinity.

With Godly love and remembrances from revered Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Hirday Mohiniji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji, Brothers Rameshji, Brij Mohanbhaiji and all sisters and brothers of Madhuban,
Your divine brother,
B.K. Nirwair